Donald Trump is the legitimate winner by Gallup/ABC/WP

Today we have two new polls showing how the public views the legitimacy of the Donald Trump election. Gallup, which purposely stayed away from horse race polling after their failure in 2012, came out with a poll showing 84% of the public viewing the election of Donald Trump as legitimate. Not surprisingly, those not accepting the results seem to be exclusively Hillary Clinton supporters.

Now that Donald Trump has been declared the winner and will be inaugurated in January, will you accept him as the legitimate president, or not?
National adults
Yes, accept 84%
No, do not 15%
Trump Voters
Yes, accept 100%
No, do not 0%

Clinton Voters
Yes, accept 76%
No, do not 23%
Do you accept the election of Donald Trump as legitimate, or do you think Donald Trump is not the legitimate winner?
National adults
Yes, accept 74%
No, do not 18%
Trump Voters
Yes, accept 99%
No, do not 1%

Clinton Voters
Yes, accept 58%
No, do not 33%



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