NH: Donald Trump wins traditional midnight voting

New Hampshire traditional midnight voting
Big swing towards Trump in Hart Location, Obama won here 21 to 9 over Romney. Swing to Clinton in Dixville

Dixville Notch:
Hillary Clinton: 4
Donald Trump: 2
Gary Johnson. 1
Mitt Romney: “write in” 1

Donald Trump: 16
Hillary Clinton: 4
Bernie Sanders: 1

Hillary Clinton: 17
Donald Trump: 14
Gary Johnson 3
Bernie Sanders: 1
John Kasch: 1

Donald Trump: 32
Hillary Clinton. 25
Gary Johnson: 4
Bernie Sanders: 2
Mitt Romney: 1
John Kasch: 1

Trump 48.4%
Clinton 37.8%

Obama 33
Romney 30
Result (Romney down ~10%)

Trump wildly overperforming Romney by about 30% in the small sample size of Dixville Notch, Harts Location, and Millsfield.

Trump turnout up about 6% from Romney turnout.

Clinton turnout down about 25% from Obama turnout.



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