NM: Hillary Clinton has a modest lead by ZIA

New Mexico presidential race:
The state-wide survey of 1,102 likely voters, conducted on November 1st and 2nd by ZiaPoll, shows a 3 point Clinton advantage going into the final weekend before Election Day. Donald Trump has been closing the gap in New Mexico over the last three weeks and has turned a 10-point deficit three weeks ago into 5 last week, and now 3 with less than a week to go. Trump visited Albuquerque last Sunday evening and his campaign has made it clear that they believe New Mexico is still up for grabs. With the deficit within the margin of error of a statistical tie, both candidates have ramped up spending in the state. Clinton still leads among females and Hispanic/Latino voters, however Trump is leading Clinton by 3 points in the crossover vote. Meaning more Democrats are voting for Trump than Republicans are voting for Clinton. The poll also found that younger voters between 18 and 34 continue to support Trump over Clinton. This trend has remained consistent over the last four NM statewide surveys.

Hillary Clinton: 46%
Donald Trump: 43%
Gary Johnson: 07%
Jill Stein: 01%




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