VA: Hillary Clinton has a solid lead by CNU

Virginia presidential race:
Clinton’s lead over Trump drops to 7% in Virginia, as holdout voters move toward major party candidates
Trump’s support grows across regions as Republicans come home. Clinton remains strong in Northern Virginia, and gains in Southwest.
Clinton’s lead among women is still solid (46-36) but Trump has made significant gains from what had been a steady 20% gap. Millennials strongly favor Clinton (53-33). She holds a slight edge among men (44-43)
Trump holds a very strong lead among white voters overall, 52-32, while Clinton’s lead among white college-educated voters continues, now 46-38.
Trump continues to lead among voters in military households, 48-40, but Clinton continues to lead in non-military households, 48-34.

Hillary Clinton 46%
Donald Trump 39%
Gary Johnson 5%
Jill Stein 1 %
Evan McMullin 1%



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