AZ: Too close to call by Monmouth

Arizona presidential race:
Clinton has a 67% to 27% lead among non-white voters. More specifically, she has a 65% to 30% lead among Hispanic voters, a group that makes up over one-fifth of the state’s likely electorate. Trump holds a 56% to 35% lead among white voters, including a 64% to 26% lead among white men and a 66% to 28% lead among white voters without a college degree. On the other hand, the race is extremely tight among white women (47% Trump to 44% Clinton) and white college graduates (45% Trump to 43% Clinton).
Donald Trump favorability: 34/56
Hillary Clinton favorability: 32/57
Donald Trump wins the Independents: 44/39
Senate: John McCain has a strong lead: 50/40/04

Donald Trump: 46%
Hillary Clinton: 45%
Gary Johnson: 04%
Jill Stein: 01%



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