National: Hillary Clinton has a modest lead by CNN

National presidential race:
CNN is back to the right PID -D+5- so I decide to count this poll even that I am sure Trump will win Independents, Mens and Whites by larger margins and will have a stronger party support as Clinton and if you change it with the CNN PID you get a close race as all the tracking pollsters already showing it!

86% of voters are not changing their minds
66% of Clinton voters are voting for Clinton, not against the opponent
60% of Trump voters are voting for Trump, not against the opponent
Clinton favorables: 46/52 (-6)
Bill Clinton favorables: 49/48 (+1)
Trump favorables: 41/57 (-16)
Melania favorables: 46/35 (+11)
Economy: 51/47 Trump
Terrorism: 50/48 Clinton
Immigration: 50/47 Clinton
Foreign policy: 59/38 Clinton
SCOTUS: 51/46 Clinton
Decisive leader: 48/46 Clinton
Temperament: 61/32 Clinton
CiC responsibility: 55/40 Clinton
Honesty: 43/42 Trump
A person you admire: 42/29 Clinton
Vision for the future: 49/42 Clinton
Won the debates: 61/29 Clinton
Will stand up for you: 49/44 Clinton
The emails: 64/35 think it is an issue
Trump sexual assault: 60/36 think it is an issue

Party ID: 31D/26R/43I (D+5)

Men: Trump +3
Women: Clinton +13
White: Trump +13
Nonwhite: Clinton +52
White college: Clinton +11
White non-college: Trump +29

Northeast: Clinton +20
Midwest: Clinton +7
South: Trump +8
West: Clinton +11

Clinton 89%
Trump 6%
Stein 1%
Johnson 0%

Trump 89%
Clinton 6%
Johnson 2%
Stein 1%

Trump 43%
Clinton 41%
Johnson 8%
Stein 3%

Midwest: Clinton +7
Northeast: Clinton +20
South: Trump +8
West: Clinton +11

urban: Clinton +38
suburban: Trump +1
rural: Trump +25

Hillary Clinton: 49%
Donald Trump: 44%
Gary Johnson: 03%
Jill Stein: 02%



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