MI: Donald Trump has a modest lead by Mitchell

Michigan presidential race:
Clinton’s lead has fallen from 13% before the last debate to 8% as she dropped 2% and he gained 3%. The third party candidates have also dropped. Clinton is still in a strong position, but her support has eroded in the past week. Clinton continues to have a strong lead with women but Trump is doing better with men and is now tied with Clinton. Trump has increased his lead with Independents to 54%- 14%, a major move since last week when he led by 10%
Trumps favorable increased and his unfavorable dropped Clinton’s unfavorable went back up to 50%
The pollster said it`s D+8 in MI this year using a realist sample of D39 R31 and I30 and their cross stabs:

Donald Trump: 44.7%
Hillary Clinton: 42.0%
Gary Johnson: 02.2%
Jill Stein: 01.4%




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