MN-08: Donald Trump has a strong lead by SurveyUSA

Minnesota presidential race:
In MN-08 a district President Barack Obama won by 06% in 2012, Donald Trump is strongly ahead of Hillary Clinton! Donald Trump leads with Independents: 49/25
Republican challenger Stuart Mills, who lost to Nolan by 3,700 votes in 2014, today narrowly edges Nolan, 45% to 41%, with 14% of likely voters still on the fence and able to swing the contest one way or the other. Either candidate may emerge.
Mills leads among voters younger than 64. Nolan leads only among seniors age 65+. Mills has a 10-point advantage among men, which Nolan cannot overcome with his 3-point advantage among women. 84% of Republicans vote for the Republican; 89% of Democrats vote for the Democrat. But independent voters — critical to both candidates — break for Mills at this hour, 45% to 35%, enough to make him the favorite.
Among voters who say that health care is the most important issue in the campaign, Nolan leads by 17 points. Among voters focused on terrorism, Mills leads 3:1. Among voters focused on taxes, Mills leads 2:1.

Donald Trump: 47%
Hillary Clinton: 35%
Gary Johnson: 04%
Jill Stein: 04%

If this district swings so much Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in MN: 42.8/39.2



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