FL: Donald Trump leads early voting

Trump still leads Hillary Clinton in Florida early voting.

Trump’s campaign is generating much more excitement than Hillary’s campaign, so Trump’s supporters are more likely to turnout in-person to vote, as opposed to just mailing in a ballot. That is how Obama won Florida in 2008 despite losing the mail-in ballot count — and it will be how Trump will win Florida in 2016. In fact, the very fact that the Democrats aren’t ahead in mail-in ballots should be highly concerning for the Hillary campaign, since it is unlikely that many of her supporters would actually turn out in-person to vote for her.

In 2012 the early voting breakdown was this:
43% Democrats
40% Republicans
17% Other-Independent

This year the early voting breakdown is:
40% Democrat
42% Republican
18% Other-Independent

Trump still leads in Florida two weeks before election day.


THIS IS BIG=> DONALD TRUMP Continues Lead in Florida Early Voting

CONFIRMED: Early Voting Data Shows Trump Lead – Ignore Trolls Who Say Otherwise


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