FL/NC/OH/ and PA it all will come down to turnout by Rasmussen

New polls for FL; NC; OH and PA suggest it all will come down to turnout!!! With a strong DEM turnout (very unlikely) Hillary Clinton would be ahead in FL(solid),NC(solid) and PA(modest). With a strong GOP turnout (very likely) Trump would win easily OH and it would be a tight race in FL, NC and PA!

DEM turnout:
Clinton/Trump: 48/40/04/02
GOP turnout:
Clinton/Trump: 45/43/04/02

DEM turnout:
Clinton/Trump: 47/40/06/03
GOP turnout:
Clinton/Trump: 44/43/06/03

DEM turnout:
Clinton/Trump: 44/41/06/03
GOP turnout:
Trump/Clinton: 47/40/05/02

DEM turnout:
Clinton/Trump: 45/39/07/04
GOP turnout:




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