The winner of the final debate is …

Donald Trump is the winner of the final debate! He perfectly spoke to hisbase and the GOP base with immigration, abortion and Supreme Court!
and he nailed on the issues of economy , jobs, trade and did suprisingly well with foreign policy stuff too what should nail the iNdependent votes for him

CNN: Clinton/Trump: 52/39 Independents: 40/44 but thier focus group: Trump 67/33

YouGov: Clinton/Trump: 48/44 Independents: 61/39

FOX: Trump/Clinton: 54/45

Drudge: Trump/Clinton: 84/16

Washington Times: Trump/Clinton: 77/17 Trump/Clinton: 63/37

CSPAN: trump/Clinton: 68/32

WHNT TN: Trump/Clinton: 85/15


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