National: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a dead heat by Rasmussen

National presidential race:
84% of voters are certain already how they will vote, and among these voters, Clinton and Trump are tied at 47% apiece. Among voters who could still change their minds between now and Election Day, it’s Clinton 35%, Trump 34%, Johnson 27% and Stein with 4%.
Clinton has 80% support among Democrats, while Trump earns 79% of the Republican vote. Trump leads again among voters not affiliated with either major party. Unaffiliateds remain less certain of their vote than Democratic and GOP voters are.
Trump posts a double-digit lead among men, while Clinton holds a similar lead among women. Women are more likely at this point to be sure of their vote.
The older the voter, the more likely he or she is to support Trump and to be certain of their vote.
Trump is ahead among whites and other minority voters but remains far behind among blacks.

Donald Trump: 42%
Hillary Clinton: 42%
Gary Johnson: 07%
Jill Stein: 01%



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