Nasty Donald Trump on tape

Will this ends his campaign???

watch&listen by yourself

Republican reaction

Reactions from GOP staffers and advisers to Trump ranged from astonished to apoplectic.

A close adviser to Trump told CNN the story is “flat out appalling” and at this point, they can’t even begin to guess whether Trump can come back from this.

“This should have never happened. I wish it had never happened. I think I know that men talk this way sometimes, but it’s nothing I would ever want to hear or condone or approve of,” the adviser said. “My reaction is — it’s appalling. It’s just flat out appalling.”
This adviser, who did not know that the Post story was coming, described the story as “pretty vulgar” and a part of a “barrage” of unflattering stories Trump has suffered from.

The adviser also said Trump’s apology does not go far enough.
“Doing anything other than to say it was a grievous error and he apologizes would be a mistake,” the adviser said. “I would take it a step further and own to the words as being offensive — not ‘if.’”
The adviser, clearly exasperated, added: “Another day in Trump world … I hate it.”

Asked about the reaction at a campaign field office, a Trump field staffer told CNN there were “gasps. Collective gasps. We’re trying to get our heads around it right now, but there’s no way to spin this. There just isn’t.”

The staffer, who is also paying close attention to Senate efforts, also added, unsolicited: “Just think of the down-ballot effect. Brutal.”

A GOP operative in Ohio voiced similar sentiments.

“This is bad. I think this thing is over,” the staffer said.
Asked how he would advise Trump, the staffer replied, “Might be too late. I would advise apologize. Then jump to all the things he’s done to promote women within Trump enterprises. But he likely won’t do it. Blame the messenger and/or media.”

Reached for comment, a top battleground state staffer told CNN he was “picking (his) chin off the floor.”

“We want every suburban woman’s vote in America. This doesn’t help with that,” the staffer said.


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