National: Donald Trump pulls ahead after the debate by Gravis

National presidential race:
Did you change your mind?
No 95%
Yes 5%
Who did you change your mind to?
Donald Trump – 52%
Hillary Clinton – 29%
Despite Clinton “winning” the debate by a narrow 48-43 margin.
Did Donald Trump do better or worse, or about what you expected, in the debate tonight?
Better: 26% whle Clinton 46%
Same:: 41% while Clinton: 33%
Worse: 31% wilhe Clinton 20%
Who do you think showed they were plausible to be president?
Donald Trump: 46/42
Who do you think did the best job on the issues?
Hillary Clinton: 48/40
Who do you think was more honest?
Donald Trump: 49/42
Who showed they would be a strong leader?
Donald Trump: 48/44
Who do you think showed that they care about people like you?
Donald Trump: 49/44
Trump 48%
Clinton 43%
Other 06%
Undecided 03%

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