MI: Too close to call by EPIC/MRA

Michigan presidential race:
Trump has clearly improved his standing among several demographics as the Nov. 8 election moved closer, however: Among white voters, what had been a 38%-36% lead for Clinton a month ago is now a 40%-32% lead for him. He also has taken a lead among men — 38%-33% — where she had held what was the slightest of margins in August.
He held an edge among voters with a high school education or less — 40%-36% — which was no surprise. But he also had gained among those with some post high-school education, and led 36%-32%. Clinton led among college graduates 41%-32%.
Honest: Trump: 37/30
Hillary Clinton favorability: 44/56
Donald Trump favorability: 37/63
Hillary Clinton: 38%
Donald Trump: 35%
Gary Johnson: 10%

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