MI: Hillary Clinton has a modest lead by Mitchell

Michigan presidential race:
Clinton continues to dominate with women, leading by 16 percent (50%-34%) while Trump leads with men by 6 percent (46%-40%). Clinton has a 13 percent lead with 18-44 year old voters (47%-34%) and with 65 + voters (52%-39%). Trump leads by 3 percent with 45-64 year olds (43%-40%). Clinton continues to be stronger with Democrats (91% in the four-way) than Trump is with Republicans (85% in the four-way). However, in the two-way test Clinton (91%) and Trump (88%) are almost tied. The GOP voters seem to be finally rallying around their nominee. In the two-way race, Trump leads with independents (42%-18%) by a 2:1 margin. But, in the four-way contest, Johnson (38%) leads both Trump (22%) and Clinton (6%), who is far behind,” Mitchell continued.
Hillary Clinton favorability: 41/53
Donald Trump favorability: 33/62
Hillary Clinton: 45%
Donald Trump: 39%
Gary Johnson: 07%

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