AZ: Too close to call by Predictive Insights

Arizona presidential race:
In a survey of 728 likely Democrat, Republican, Independent and Non-Declared voters across Arizona, based on projected 2016 general election turnout, Democrat Hillary Clinton is leading by 1 percent, which is well within the margin of error over Republican Donald Trump.
Hillary Clinton: 40%
Donald Trump. 39%
Gary Johnson: 07%

One thought on “AZ: Too close to call by Predictive Insights

  1. If this is a reality than you would either determine what unique thinkers are concerned with as their followers and determine how they wish to address those concerns or dig deep to Mrs Clintons bank of folks to dissuade their values on given topics. They can either be convinced or adopted. This can either be done by the staunch old school Senator or the Progressive candidate. Or it can be done by the House of Representatives coming home to solicit and appeal to these folks core values. Seeing that those in office are listening and trusting in one of their current leader’s values and words. I am going to guess this is new to the environment … actually having to work with the people of their state. Most do not know who is representing them and why. If you can obtain their trust somehow in a venue of focused communication lets say a vignette You may have your party bring them together through reason and trust.
    Why is each state incapable of reasoning this through? Our Mayors… anyone can do this simple listening of what they are wanting and comprehension of how to assist them in obtaining it, solving it, or reasoning through it enough to show actual caring for their voters! Hopefully, it is the Republicans who are mature enough to realize this to compel them to make a sound Arizona decision for their home environment. I can’t imagine they need something outrages. Know politician should not know which groups of their own constituents are lacking without incorporating. Heaven forbid our politicians have to rise from their desks not even for their candidate but for their party. Jeez


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