National: Hillary Clinton has a solid lead by Quinnipiac

National presidential race:
–Quinnipiac finds that 90% of the electorate is locked in and only 09% is open to changing their minds.
–62% think that Clinton will win, only 28% think Trump will win
–Obama approval 54/44 and 70% of millennials approve of him, so he needs to talk to the younger voters a lot about Clinton
–Clinton approval 44/47, Trump approval 35/53. Clinton’s strong disapprove at 33%, Trump’s at 39%
–Clinton’s honesty numbers are terrible (29/66)
–Trump’s experience numbers are terrible (32/65) while Clinton’s are great (71/29)
–Clinton leads on the cares about the little guy question (51/47). Trump is at 41/57
–Only 25% of voters think Trump is level-headed
–Most important factors in picking a president are leadership skills (25%) and cares about the little guy (21%). Honesty is 3rd (17%)
–59% think Trump appeals to bigots
Hillary Clinton – 45%
Donald Trump – 38%
Gary Johnson – 10%

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